Artists deserve to live off their art

Despite there being more than 8 million bands and artists worldwide, only a small number of them make a decent living from their craft.

FENIX is designed to give independent artists a fair go in the music industry by providing a platform that allows them to access new fans globally, whilst earning additional income doing so.

Introducing Fenix

The Music Platform that allows artists to earn in new and exciting ways.

63%Record Label
87%More money for artists

Forget the middlemen that take 87% or more of revenue generated by artists.

FENIX gives independent artists control of their online presence in the form of their own band app, controlled by a comprehensive dashboard with full analytics.

One location for fans to access all their music, merchandise, videos, tickets, social media and so much more.

Best of all, through blockchain technology, artists will now receive fair and transparent payment from their fans.


Designed to power a global music ecosystem, used by millions of artists and fans, with a single measure of value.

We’ve developed the FENIX Token, a tradeable form of digital currency that will be used for transacting on the FENIX Platform.

The utility of FENIX Token’s spans across the entire FENIX platform, it can be used for:

  • Purchasing music on the platform
  • Buying merchandise, tickets and exclusive access.
  • Promotions and competitions.
  • Payment for third party services.
  • Making donations to bands.
  • Artist grants through the Artist Manifesto Trust
+ Much more

FENIX is well placed for mass adoption.

We’re building a massive new ecosystem for the 98% of artists that don’t have the support of a label.

With a single point of contact, the FENIX Platform allows fans the things they crave most - direct access to their favourite artists.

By bringing independent bands and their fans together, as well as providing them access to a massive distribution network, the FENIX platform is well positioned for mass adoption.

FENIX benefits both the
artist and their fans.

For 98% of artists who live outside the music industry’s age old label structure,
FENIX provides them their own platform to access distribution and income.

Artists can market directly to their fans

Through our innovative platform, artists can release streamed music, sell merchandise, make concert ticket sales and even release 'vinyl', directly to their fans (no middleman required).

Fans can communicate with, and follow their favourite bands

No matter how much you love your band, unless you follow them on every social media channel, you'll miss something they release.

With the FENIX platform, bands can use their customized landing page on the FENIX App to open communication channels with their fans, test new music tracks and get feedback that'll make their music even better,

Welcome to the FENIX app.

The all inclusive music platform that allows artists to easily manage
their content and share it with their fans.

  • Currently, there is no single platform that can provide income to all musicians and give their fans access to everything they have to offer - FENIX is truly unique.

    The FENIX App is the place for all things music - streaming, merchandise, videos, social media, tickets and more.

    FENIX is underpinned by blockchain technology and creates a direct connection between artists and their fans.

    FENIX allows the fair flow of earnings to musicians.

  • Artists can get direct access to MILLIONS of new fans

    FENIX RISING, our platform to showcase up and coming new talent, opens artists up to a phenomenal new fan base - from all over the world.

    Nothing brings people together better than great music, and thats exactly what we'll be helping artists to do.

  • Providing artists access to great value services

    Through the Artist Dashboard, musicians will be able to access a wide range of services that make their lives a little bit easier.

    • An efficient concert booking system
    • Tour Itinerary services
    • Photographers / Videographers
    • Graphic Designers / Artists
    • Marketing / Social Media Managers
    • PR Services
    • Low cost advisory services (Legal, accounting and management)
    • A simple to use ticketing system

    All of which allow artists to benefit from the scale of the FENIX platform, paid for with FENIX Tokens.

The Artist Manifesto -
Giving back to artists

One of the most exciting features of the FENIX platform is that we’re committed to giving 90,000,000 FENIX Tokens to artists as grants in our first 2 years in business.

The Artist Manifesto is designed to give tens of thousands of artists a new source of income.
Administered by an independent Board of industry heavyweights, all of whom have come through the ranks and understand what it means to be an upcoming artist.
Artists will be able to make individual applications for support from the Artist Manifesto Trust

We're launching a breakthrough blockchain DAPP

We believe that we've got the right mix of features that fans are looking for to make the FENIX App a huge success.

Integrating all aspects of the current toolkit available to artists, FENIX aims to be a comprehensive one-stop point of access for both artists and fans.

Bringing everything into one place makes the user experience more simple and allows greater transparency and analytics of fans’ activities.

And because the band's presence in the FENIX ecosystem is controlled by themselves, fans have direct access to artists through the FENIX App that they only dreamed of before.

Here's our 'All Star' music team

Founders Allan Klepfisz, Lance Ford and Richard Lee have put together an incredible team of music,
technology, marketing and financial experts to make FENIX a sell-out reality.

Coupled with a panel of experienced advisors, the FENIX platform is ready to take on the world.

  • Allan Klepfisz

    Founder, Chairman and CEO

    The brains behind the big picture that is both QTRAX MUSIC and the FENIX platform.

    Ties all the opportunities together and ensures focus on satisfying Artists and Fans.

  • Lance Ford

    Founder, President

    Marketing and advertising expert responsible for driving usage of the FENIX Platform .

    Lance spent 14 years at Conde Nast and was founding publisher of Maxim Magazine.

  • Richard Lee

    Founder, Head of Execution

    A capital markets expert responsible for leading the execution of more than 180 primary fundraisings, including IPOs, across Asia and globally over the last 20 years.

    Richard oversees the successful execution of all aspects of the FENIX platform, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of all aspects of ongoing development.

  • Vimal Gupta


    Vimal is a senior IT professional who has worked with a number of prominent IT companies, including Oracle, SapientRazorfish, UBS, and Nagarro.

    Vimal is a full stack engineer, accomplished leader, and focus-driven coder with 16 years of experience. Vimal oversees the technology side of the business.

  • Luke Peake

    Creative Director / UX Designer

    An award winning digital designer and creative director with 18 years experience designing for globally recognized brands, such as Virgin Australia, Target, Sunsuper, Commonwealth Games and many more.

    Luke has worked for world-renowned agencies such as SapientRazorfish and Fullsix, and is the Director and Co-Founder of TIB Digital.

  • Jonathan Wheelwright

    Technology Manager

    Over 17 years experience as a full stack developer and development team manager. Jon helps execute projects for companies from both small to large corporations, while being the Director and Co-Founder of TIB Digital and project managing a large team of both designers and developers.

  • Hussain Cutpiecewala

    Blockchain Developer

    Hussain is a Full Stack Web Developer with a solid background in different programming languages, including a strong focus on Blockchain development for highly secure smart-contracts, websites and control panels.

  • Abdulqadir Cutpiecewala

    Blockchain developer

    Abdulqadir is a Blockchain and Solidity Expert with 5+ years development experience of highly secure smart contracts, Solidity, websites and control panels.

  • Chai Ong

    Head of Asia Subscriber Communities

    Responsible for coordinating input with the various Subscriber communities across Asia.

    Extensive experience in funds management and investments spanning 25 years.

    Chai has raised funds for music-related businesses over a period of 15 years.

  • Geordie Launder

    Head of Video Content

    Geordie puts together all video content chronicling the journey of the FENIX Platform, as well as seeking to demystify the process of getting the platform launched.

    Geordie is a freelance designer in photography, video and content creation.

  • Julia Lyschik

    Office Boss

    Julia has a Master’s Degree from Pratt Institute in Urban Environmental Systems Management with a focus on Sustainable and Efficient Office Management.

    Julia effectively and efficiently oversees the day-to-day operations of the company’s HQ.

  • Larry Gan


    Former Managing Partner of Asia, Accenture, Head of Accenture's Global Venture Fund.

    Prolific international tech investor.

  • Sandy Monteiro


    Sandy Monteiro is a highly regarded executive in the global music industry having held senior positions including President for S E Asia & Head of New Business for Asia Pac of Universal Music Group International (UMGI - world’s largest music label).

  • Jason Berman


    Jason (Jay) Berman is an extremely influential and highly-regarded global music industry executive with an outstanding 30-year track record of senior positions including CEO and Chairman of the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI, 1999-2004).

    In addition, Jay has acted as President and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA.

    Jay also served as Special Counsel for Trade to President Clinton in 1998 and has been the Chairman Emeritus of IFPI since 2005.

  • John Velasco


    John has been in the entertainment industry for decades having run United Artist Music in UK and having served as VP of CBS Songs in USA.

    John has represented famous artists including Jimmy Webb, Black Sabbath, Yes, Davy Jones, John Denver, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Randy Edelman. He has worked with Sesame St, Parker Brothers, Marvel, Disney, American Idol and American Greetings.

    John is currently Chairman of RADD.

  • Robin Kent


    Robin is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the digital music, sports, advertising & marketing industries.

    Robin has launched many start ups and managed large global businesses.

  • Andrei Roudenko


    A former investment banker and VC fund manager.

    Over the past 15 months Andrei has built relationships with many of the top-performing blockchain companies, helping in both fundraising, product development, and implementation phases.

    Andrei advises on a range of aspects of FENIX marketing and business development.

Product Development Roadmap

How the funds will be used

Developing a sophisticated music app, an Artists' dashboard and a version customizable
by bands in both mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop formats is not cheap,
nor is the creation and testing of a robust blockchain platform.

Thanks to early investors, the development cost of the FENIX platform is already fully funded.

As a result, any funds received from our RCO will be used to:

  • Fund the extensive global marketing of our new music platform
  • Ensure that there is sufficient funding to grow and sustain the FENIX platform over the long term
  • Distribute FENIX Tokens. to tens of thousands of fans and bands globally - providing additional free exposure to new markets

Why create FENIX?

The founders of the FENIX platform have seen billions of dollars flow into the music industry, while the bands themselves struggle to make a living (despite turning out incredible music).

With the revolution of blockchain technology and the business possibilities behind it, FENIX has been able to create a whole new business model - by taking the best of what's been done in the past and making it even better with blockchain.

Video Diary

BAO PO Launch Event, Beijing, 22 May 2019

FENIX RISING - App Run Through

FENIX v2.0 - App Run Through

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